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Originally Posted by Panupat View Post
Thank you for your detailed explanation IamMadMan. It seems to be a popular believe in my country atm that we either die fast from the bacteria, or die slowly consuming small amount of nitrate over and over. I guess the latter is not true right if we use the right amount of nitrate?

In my case I definitely would be doing hot smoke so I can probably get away without nitrates? To be honest I'm quite scared using it in my meat as I heard too much of these can be very poisonous on its own.

Yes Panupat, as long as the meat has been properly butchered, and kept refrigerated below 4 degrees Celsius the bacteria can be kept in check until it is cooked. As far as nitrites, when used properly in the right amount, and allowed to cure at the proper temperature, they are very safe.

I think where the problem comes into play with nitrite safety is when one uses the correct amount, and then thinks that maybe more is better. It the application of too much nitrite that can cause health issues as well as nitrite poisoning. Also the nitrite compound should never be used in place of regular table salt, and should be stored where it could be mistaken as salt.

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