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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Seems like you are well on your way to some measured success. I hope it goes well for you and I note some absolutely golden advice here.

Personally, I took a different path and decided not to do what you've done, so i'm coming at you from that perspective.

1. Your current job you are very good at, It makes you more money than catering is likely to AND gives you the spare time to AFFORD a really nice backyard or patio setup and wow your envious guests on a weekend AND spent time with your kids who need you now. Is this going to happen when you get bogged down on the 4 or 5th Catering gig for the month.... Be careful about turning a hobby into a business.

2. As Medic 92 has clearly illustrated: it's a business. Consistancy is king. Pricing and QC is crucial. How are you going to handle real customers when someone actually doesn't like the ribs and wants their money back. How are you going to handle it when you find that someone you just employed (or worse... it's family) is responsible for screwing something up that resulted in that problem with the unhappy customer. This is when the "hobby" starts not being fun any more.

3. Are you an easy touch... Are you the kind of bloke that can't delegate and as a result decided to do it all himself rather than getting others to do their job. How is this going to affect your paying job when get back into the office on Monday and you are too tired to do your job properly and things suffer. Could you be that guy?

I weighed up those things and was pretty sure I'd screw up even though people said the same thing to me... "Best brisket I've ever tasted" ... but they'd tasted exactly ONE brisket before because of where I live. In a word... know your own capabilities. The world is littered with bitter people who opened up a restaurant or some kind of catering business because their friends said it was a good idea. Their friends weren't around to see them fail. Could that be you?

Honestly I still dream of doing it, but it's a dream. I put out killer BBQ for home and friends but have a well paying job I can get back to during the week. They say... "Open a BBQ Restaurant. It will be fun" And you give them a knowing look and ask them for a $50,000 investment just to watch the smile disappear off their faces. Could this be you?

Probably not, but ask yourself the question just the same.

Still Smokin'

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