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Originally Posted by Schwebs View Post
Judge - I've competed for 4yrs, but judged for the first time this year. It was more than an eye opener, it was a smack in the face.
Do a dry run by simulating a comp - all 4 meats on your timeline with boxes and turn in times . Take notes on what works and what doesn't.
Weather will rarely cooperate - have a way to confidently handle rain and wind
Checklist and timeline - I'm lost without mine
Hydrate - easy to get dehydrated around hot smokers on a hot day where alcohol might happen
There's a lot of fun there, but sure to get some
Good Luck
man you aren't joking about the hydrating comment. A few years ago my partner and I were in Jamestown, TN doing a double in outright sinful heat. I mean it was brutal. We had tents and an enclosed trailer with several fans, but no AC. There was a bathhouse really close to our sight and were able to take multiple cold showers to help stay less

but during the day Saturday my partner drank beer on an off all day, with little else. Never was drunk, just having fun, but we never considered what it was doing to him in the heat. Later that night, he was in the hospital with what we initially thought was a heart attack to only learn during the hospital visit that he was severely dehydrated.

my big ass had to go back to the site in the middle of the night and load up and get us home after they released him......we got home like 5am in the morning both of us feeling about half dead.

moral of the story.........HYDRATE!!!!!!

or make sure you have a rig with good
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