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Good Morning Gents

My five year old son and I are obsessed with bbq. I travel a few times a year to train in Texas as central Texas style is our jam. We have a local farmers market that has some great vendors on Saturdays but no bbq. I’m looking to start next year as this year is likely a wash with covid. It runs from June-September but this gives me time to prepare. He really wants to do this one day a week and asks me daily. The kid can cook que on his little portable grill that most adults can’t. We will be using my 250 gallon Austin SW on order so capacity isn’t an issue for what we are doing and if it is I can pull out the outlaw to combine. Now I’m tempted to call ASW and bump to a 500 road pit! I’m currently checking all local regs and signing up for food safety but my biggest question is where to buy briskets/meat to keep this from not losing money. I honestly don’t care if we make a ton because it’s to spend time with my kid, it won’t become my job but it’s our passion and all proceeds go to his college fund. We normally cook SRF Wagyu so my original thought was roll with that and markup finished weights to a 20% profit. I live in north Jersey, zero good bbq here. Not blowing smoke but I can run mean central Texas que now after alll the training and we practice one brisket a week, if we get people to try it they will pay in this area. So I’m really looking for ideas on meat sourcing, grades to cook, and pricing. Thanks everyone, I’m also tempted to rent an empty lot on the busy RT 22 here and put a little food truck that doesn’t move that we can call home once a week. My kids would be in heaven, likely minimal investment
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