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Default Marietta River City BBQ Competition KCBS / SCA - Marietta, OH - April 23 & 24, 2021

Dates: April 23 & 24, 2021
Location: Washington County Fairground; Marietta, Ohio

Hey teams!! 19 days left before the competition!!! Full weekend of SCA & KCBS competition!!!
For KCBS, please register by 4/10/21 (so I can get recruit judges).
For SCA, please register by 4/19/21 (for me to order steaks!!)

SCA: We have 14 registered teams!! Still looking for teams!!

Still looking for 7+ more teams in the master competition to be qualify for Jack lottery draw & Royal invitational!!!

We have 7 teams for the backyard competition!!

We have 26 teams participating in the Turkey Smoke competition!!! You have until 4/7/21 to sign up for this!!!

Questions email me at
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