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Originally Posted by Toast View Post
Great Mods!

My 18.5 leaks some even with the CB door. Would like to know what benefits you noticed by making your WSM so tight?

I've heard it lowers fuel consumption. Even though my rig leaks it can hold temps rock steady.

Thanks for posting!

When I first got my WSM, it leaked a lot and this gave me temp fluctuations. I tried the manual stuff (hugs and bending) with some improvement, but it still leaked. I know it might have sealed up over time, but I was impatient and ordered the gaskets and the door.

Since doing those mods, and making it so tight, it runs great, but besides loss of temp fluctuations, I can't really tell if it saves fuel, as I didn't have it long enough to know what it was using before.

I know that when I shut the vents, the fire goes out and I can touch the lower bowl with my bare hand after about an hour. There always seems to be a lot of charcoal left in the basket when I go to cook the next time.

I also have not seen any signs of moisture inside the pit, but that could just be this desert I live in...
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