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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Default THoey1963's WSM Mods... (Fixed)

NOTE: Rebuilding this thread as Facebook is not a good image host. Several images are starting to drop out. I was going to try and have the mods edit each of the posts with the Photoshop URL's, but that just seems like too much work for all involved.

Mod Note:

The original thread is here. It has been closed for comments but there may still be good information in that thread. Please continue any discussion or make new comments in this thread.

Often times, when posting about a cook, I will get questions about a mod I did to my WSM, either in post or via PM. I decided I would create one thread of my own that consolidates all of the mods I have done and link it to my signature, so that I could easily point to it and provide the information.

Before I get started, I know there are those purists that have not made any mods to their WSM's and feel they are not required. I graciously accept your opinion and feel you are right to do with your WSM as you wish. In that same token, I feel that what I have done to "upgrade" my WSM has enhanced my smoking experience. Negative comments are not needed.

Please, if you feel that WSM mods are not required or are an abomination, please just step back from the thread and read something else.

Thank you.
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