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Members. From this point forward, a ZERO TOLERANCE rule is in effect for any and all nakedness on our site. That includes woodpile, jokes and all of the forums. A new law went into effect on JUNE 23 requiring the owner of websites or reproducers of pornographic photos to maintain records of the people in the photos proving they are over the age of 18. As owner of this domain, i will be held responsible for its content, and obviously dont keep those records. I'm not going to disect the terminology or take any risks at loopholes, nor play with the argument of "what is porn". I just ask that there is absolutly no photos placed on our site that can be construed in any way as porn. Even though the law states "primary producers", I prefer not to take any risks. As a BBQ forum, we do not need it on our site anyway.

The text of the federal regulation can be found if you google
"18 USC Section 2257".

18 USC Section 2257 is designed to keep underage people from entering into the world of adult productions, like Traci Lords. In fact, there have been only 4 (3 female, 1 male) cases since the '70s of any underage actors in the porn business in the US, in which it was the porn business who found the underage talent and then removed any and all content made by the underage actors.
However, there have been changes made to the law to make it stricter. Under the new regulations of the law, if you produce films or take photographs of people engaged in actual sexual activity (or manage and distribute the content), you are required by federal law to maintain records proving that everyone shown on-screen or in the photograph is over 18. Records including government issued ID photo, model release form, all aliases, performer's maiden name, home address, and copy of the photo or video on file. The new regulations kick in June 23rd, and applies to anything made after July 3rd, 1995.

Without any prior notice, the federal government can come to your business (even if it's in your home) and require you to produce these records. If your records are not in order, you can be fined up to US$500,000 and jailed (on a first offence) for up to five years. As a side comment, most, if not all, child pornographers (I would think) would not have any form of paperwork like this, so to me this just looks like a crack down on the pornography industry. Also, a great number of web sites will be forced to shut down. "If the original content producer can't be found or went out of business or is unwilling to release information, that causes this content to become criminal overnight," as Lawrence Walters, an adult industry attorney, explains. "These webmasters are facing felony charges if they continue distributing images they've been distributing for the last five to 10 years." A number of sites have risen[NSFW] to fight against it.
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