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Originally Posted by gettinbasted View Post
I personally would like to see organizers take my leftovers that I didnít turn in to distribute to the judges after the contest and have the samples I turn in be for judging purposes only.

Iíd be more than happy to load judges up for their time and effort.
I never became a judge to be "loaded" up with comp BBQ meats. if it were offered I'd pass. I can and do cook BBQ meat for my family.
But I will not throw away contest meat because I was fetched up that way.
I ALWAYS take at least 2 good sized bites, I'm there to judge your competence as a BBQ cook.
If I make chicken salad out of rest of MY chicken, or if my wife and I warm it up and discuss my thoughts VS hers, that's what I'm gonna due.

No guilt nor shame for this judge.
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And Your not the boss of me either!!
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