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Sorry Evil, no pictures but a description would be looking into the rear of the trailer from the tailgate you see the 2 fryers sitting side by side in the very front with the modified exhaust hood/fire suppression system with lights above and with a 4' cold start florescent light just outside the hood and another half way to the tailgate. 40# propane tanks were on the trailer tongue and piped inside to the fryers. Fry cook has the width of the trailer to maneuver in. We had a grease mat on the floor in front of the fryers to keep the cook from sliding around. Along one side we had a 4' or 6' folding table where the steel hotel pans received the cooked food and the uncooked breaded food and fries awaited cooking. Runners could come into the trailer set the uncooked food on the table, then grab the cooked and head in to the serving area. With the trailer door open and the cool/cold outside temp it didn't take long for the oil to cook down to draining temps before we hooked up and went home. Some times we'd cook 400 to 500 pounds of hand breaded Pollock and fries from 4pm to 9pm.
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