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Per my attorney - you can be sued for anything at any time. For instance, if our cateriing company serves abc at a wedding and a guest of the event goes out and gets into a car accident later that night after drinking and kills someone. The family of the deceased will hire an attorney who will then sue everyone possible, the caterer, bartenders, party host, venue, drunk driver and whom else they think could play a role. all sued parties then must hire an attorney to try to get out of the lawsuit and each party will pay those attorneys $$$ to get them out of it. This waiver states that if this happens, the host of the party (who signed our catering agreement) will be covering all of our expenses/liabilty to do so should they arrise due to COVID. It's better to be safe than sorry and if you look around the country there are many of these waivers popping up on food establishments and venues, university kitchens, etc. It's just one extra step of CYA if you feel you don't need it then that is cool too.
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