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Originally Posted by toys4dlr View Post
Trust me, I live by the moto of forgiveness over permission, that is how I have 14 different cookers in the back yard. The wife just shakes her head. lol

With regards to the grinder, weight has to come into play. How much does the #32 weigh, cause moving my #12 from the garage to the kitchen counter is bulky to say the least. But when I see a #32 in action, the want pops up again.
The #32 is a heavy beast. I bought a used buffet off Craigslist and it sits on there. The buffet also has plenty of drawers and compartments to store all my stuff.
In your case.... Why not just do the grinding in the garage? The Carnivore came with a collar that you freeze so overheating the meat isn't a problem. In fact I put the whole grinder section in the freezer the night before so everything is cold.
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