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Originally Posted by toys4dlr View Post
I see that Waltons Inc is having a sale on their in house grinder. I have not used one, but it looks like they combined the positives of many others and made their own.

I currently have the Cabela's Carnivore #12 and would not go any smaller. I like the wider throat on the #12, so the food prep is less. Mine works well on pork and beef, but I have to semi freeze chicken to get a good grind. Seems to hang up in the auger too long. I like the idea of the "big Bite" of LEM, which I think in reading the specs, Walton's adapted. I am thinking about stepping up to the #22, but I am not grinding enough to justify the purchase right now. But the want is there. lol
I would rather have the power and not need it rather than the other way.
I have no need for the Cabela's Carnivore #32 that I bought but "want" overrides "need" in my book.
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