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Hello everyone from sunny Tampa Bay Florida.

I guess youíd say Iím a long time but amateur smoker. Iíve been grilling and smoking in a makeshift fashion using a regular grill for years. Finally broken down and bought a second hand gas smoker a couple years ago. Itís fairly basic but Iíve had good success with it.

I recently came across this forum while searching for diabetic friendly recipes. Iím still desperately searching for decent sauce recipes of all varieties to replace my old tried and true but not so low carb ones (not even remotely).

Please share your recipes and suggestions if you can help me out. I would be most appreciative, as would my family.

Iím trying to stay away from funky chemical compound substitute sweeteners and most of the more natural (typically keto) recipes that Iíve tried taste more like pizza sauce than barbecue sauce.

I also have started to get into pickling this past year with the youngest of 3 sons. He is a very bright boy but was recently diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum and cooking is something that we love doing together. My oldest, now adult son also shares my passion for cooking and experimenting all kinds of stuff as well. The middle son is more of a sweets and breads baker, not my strong suit nor something I can partake in any more. He actually works part time as a baker at a bagel shop while still in school.

Here is a sampling of my set up and past work.

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