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somebody shut me the fark up.
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True. Does fish have a caught date posted on the package. I dont think so; never noticed it if it's there. How do you know how fresh it is when its packaged?

We're only an hour & a half from the ocean which has got to be a plus for buying seafood caught off the coast of VA. I rarely buy fish at home though. But when I'm at the beach... it's nothing but seafood for me. Steamed shrimp, crab cakes, scallops, you name it, I make a fool of myself while on-scene.

I'm more of a chicken griller 1st, steak griller 2nd, and then a pork tenderloin griller 3rd. I love grilled tuna steaks and I'll buy them once & a while to throw on the Weber. I've got a fool-proof tuna steak recipe that I'll share if anyone wants it. The key to cooking tuna is never cook past medium. If its cooked done, its done!
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