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Originally Posted by BrandonBBQ View Post
So awesome to hear stories like this!

I will be starting as cheap as possible too and have been really thinking about the pop-up tent style. I have a 1 year old as well and more than likely will have another one here in the next couple of years. As well as the day gig it is definitely alot to balance but I love it!

There is another guy in town that does it once a week tent-popup on Saturday and pretty much sells out every time. I'm wanting to make it more like a to-go place and will have an app for pre-orders/pickups.

The only hurdles left to clear are the commissary agreement that I'm actively working on and then just purchasing and outfitting the trailer. I have secured 3 or 4 spots already to park it that are all private property and have quite a bit of traffic. A chef friend of mine has graciously offered to help setup the trailer for maximum efficiency when I get it so that should be a massive help. Most of what I'll need is just Cambro (or other warming boxes) and refrigeration.

I appreciate the insight and will definitely reach out! Congrats on your outfit as well and hopefully one day we'll get to share some 'Que.
Hey brandon,

How are things? Any update to the business and pics of your trailer set up?

Looking forward to following along on your story in 2020?
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