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Originally Posted by mikemci View Post
I read your excuses in an earlier post.
You also promised to return his "deposit". How about the earning potential of his money you have held for this long? No mention of that. He could have invested that money in any number of financial vehicles. Without a consideration for that, he has still been robbed.
Yes he deposit will be returned in full. Which is unusual for most any custom fabrication company. I'm not a production shop that builds the same model over and over and can just sell it to the next person in line. But I agreed to give the deposit because of the situation.
So you are all welcome to sit back and judge me based on a version of the story, but how can you make a proper judgement until you know the entire situation?
Again I see that this is a guilty until proven innocent forum. And that's sad with as many very satisfied customers that I have and will continue to have as long as I CHOOSE to stay in business.
All I'm saying is don't be so quick to pass judgement not only just on me but on anyone until you know the story. That's the problem with social media and internet no one takes anything into consideration if it's on Facebook or the computer it must be true.....
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