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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
One VERY important thing...The Dulse Granules are not the same as Dulse Flakes. Dulse Flakes are a larger size (think fish food flake size). Dulse granules are much smaller, more like the size of the particles in your other rub ingredients. It is important to get the smaller granules. If you use the flakes (like Gore did) then the flakes will linger on your tongue giving an aftertaste that Gore and his family refer to as "fuzzy". I would agree with that. My using the smaller flakes, they blend in with the rub and impart the correct umami flavor it is intended to give, without any fuzzy aftertaste. So if you are looking for online deals, MAKE SURE it is GRANULES not FLAKES.
Fuzzy kind of grows on you.
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