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Default Lower temperature in el cheapo

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I modified my el cheapo offset w an extended chimney and a smoke baffle near the firebox. I'm afraid I made my smoker too efficient? Now my smoke chamber temps are running a bit hot (250+) for my taste. I try to keep the chimney and side door to the firebox open 100%. What is a good way to lower temps in the smoke chamber? Close off the chimney a bit? Or maybe close off the side firebox a bit? I'm afraid of choking off the fire!

FWIW in other news I had a BBQ brisket challenge vs a friend with a pellet smoker a couple months ago...judged by my KCBS certified inlaws...and I won! Thanks to advice on this forum too! But I need to be on point this weekend, I'm basically catering a big party. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!
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