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Robert, Good topic.
I found this information in my restaurant construction guidelines:

1. A minimum of 50 foot-candles shall be provided at a surface where a food employee is working with food or working with utensils or equipment such as slicers, knives, grinders, or saws where employee safety is a factor.

2.A minimum of 20 foot-cadles is required:

A. At a surface where food is provided for consumer self-service such
as buffets and salad bars or where fresh produce or packaged foods
are sold or offered for consumption

B. Inside equipment such as reach-in or under the counter refrigerators.

C. At a distance of 30 inches above the floor in areas used for hand
washing, warewashing, equipment and utensil storage, and in toilet

3. A minimum of 30 foot-candle shall be provided at a distance of thirty
inches above the floor, in walk-in refrigeration units and dry food
storage areas and in other areas and rooms during periods of cleaning.

4. Light fixtures in areas where food is prepared, open food is stored, or
utensils are cleaned shall be of shatterproof construction or shall be
protected with shatterproof sheilds.
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