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That's exactly what we're trying to figure out. It gets really complex, really fast, if you're not a farmer, at least in Pennsylvania. We're classified as a value-added food processor, or at least we will be when legal.

Local and federal regulations have to be followed for different reasons - for example, if we sell direct to consumers (not grocers or restaurants) we can get by with approval from the local Health Department only. This is what we're pursuing. If we want to sell to restaurants, or ship across state lines, then we need USDA approval, which is an entirely different kettle of fish. Some parts of our process (vacuum packaging, for example) may also invoke the federal-level regulations.

We're trying to figure out the pounds per year that makes it worth it. It may simply be too difficult to achieve at the low output we expect. Many federal regulations are written in terms of tons per day - and we MIGHT hit a ton in a full year, if things go well :)

From what we can tell, we can establish an LLC whenever we feel like, but getting liability insurance is impossible without health department certification.

So, onward with the research. I'd love to keep posting on here, updating as we learn and have more questions :)
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