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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Thanks - I got the 12", and it sounds like I'm getting about the same time out of it - I think it was about 5.5hrs on the first two attempts. I'm getting white smoke, though, an attempt at smoking pecans (don't want to risk bacon yet!) came out rather bitter.

Still, rather optimistic about it. Cold smoking will solve our cooling problems. If we end up going legit, we'll need to Frankenstein a cold smoker and Coolbot into a single beastie. No, really. FDA Food Code says that cold smoked product that is sealed in a vacuum for packaging must be kept at 41 or below for the entire process, including the smoking. And, joy of joys, it requires a HACCP plan. Rather irritatingly, the Food Code doesn't specify temperature requirements for cold-smoked meat that is NOT sealed in a vacuum at the end.

But that's another thread. :)
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