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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Awesome. We're currently doing something similar - friends and family with a wink and a nudge :). We're by-the-pound, and nearly always sell out, though this round is gonna cut it close. We just did our largest batch yet, 15 whole bellies, about 168lbs.

Are you hot smoking in those, or cold? We've been hot smoking, but cooling is becoming a hassle as we've scaled up. Currently, we crash-cool in an ice bath, and it's completely adequate, but a pain in the butt, so we've started researching cold-smoking - no heat in means no heat out.

There are definite drawbacks - Amazing Ribs has a pretty detailed rant against it, though I *think* Meathead means cold-smoking for curing, as opposed to cold-smoking for flavor.

Rhetorical question - is it ok to thread-jack myself? :)

OK, shutting up before I geek out on bacon and overwhelm you.
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