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I wouldn't rinse before use myself. Most of what's in sanitizers are some type of alcohol. It evaporates the instant you start applying it.

RE: 100 pounds of bacon. I've made bacon for myself since, oh, 2005. I would wind up giving some to friends and they would always tell me "you should sell this, it's so good". About 2 years ago, I decided to take them up on it and since about August of 2014 I've been doing at least 100 pounds of bacon a month. I sell only to friends or acquaintances, don't advertise, strictly by word of mouth. I have several people that buy an order of bacon every month. I don't sell it by the pound, I sell it by the full belly. That way I sell out each month with no leftover bacon. A full belly runs about 10 pounds +/- a pound. After curing for 9 days, I smoke it in two Masterbuilt 40's and a 6 rack Bradley. I like the smoke generated by the AMTS and hickory pellets better than the proprietary smoke generators. I sell the whole belly, sliced, with trimmings that are left over for $65 an order.
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