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Default Forgot the Cry-O-Vac

Every year since I have worked for my current employer we have received a whole bone in Ozark Pride ham for Christmas and this year was no different. We wait until the Christmas rush is over then take the ham to the butcher shop where we purchase meat and they slice it into ham steaks, place them into cry-o-vac bags and we bring them back home and freeze them, using them through out the year.

This year was a little different though. Mrs. Slick took the ham yesterday and handed it to the girl behind the counter and told her we would like it cut into ham steaks which she gladly did but came back with them wrapped individually in freezer paper, Mrs. Slick failed to mention the cry-o-vac bag part to the girl behind the counter.

So my questions are....

Will they get freezer burn just wrapped in freezer paper?

If I have to re-wrap them what is the best way. Foil and re-wrap in the freezer paper, them maybe place them in freezer bags?

Now I know some of you will suggest that we buy a food saver machine and wrap them ourselves and we are giving that idea some thought but we really don't need one except when we fail to tell the butcher how we want our meat wrapped.

Thanks in advance for ideas or thoughts on this.

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