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Default Smoking as a preservative

does 'Our style' of cooking really act as a type of preserative for the meat?? We all notice that the smoked stuff is still good after weeks in storage.

Meaning...officially, will BBQ'ed ribs hold in the fridge longer than grilled or (eeeekk) baked.

or are we just blowing smoke?
Another good question, thank you Phil.

Just spoke with our health dept inspector on this one.
Kind of a toughie.
She said she wouldn't look at a smoked roast any different than a baked one as far as shelf life goes.
But she did go as far to say that the HACCP (Hazard analysis critical control point) people would have to submit proof for this thought that smoked meat lasts longer and (she) wasn't sure of any study.
They would have to look at water activity, and bacterial criteria as well as a number of other scientific data to prove this.

She said that they recently did a study concerning sandwiches packaged in those environment containers, and they proved a shelf life of something like 28 days. That's why you can see sandwiches at the gas station with rather old dates.

Currently the health dept says cooked meats have a refrigerator shelf life of seven days.

But we all know better!
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