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Originally Posted by landarc View Post
Years ago, I was taught that you never crash cool in the freezer, even a walk in will suffer some temperature loss, and heat loss is much slower than desired. The exception would be blast freezers that can cool to below 30F in a matter of minutes.

Here is the method I was taught.

1. Prepare a large ice bath, at least twice the volume of the meat you will be placing in it. The Bath should be at least 50% ice, but, more is better to about 70%. The balance should be cold water.

2. As the meat comes off of the cooker, place it in heat proof plastic bags (oven roaster bags are ideal, they are heat and cold resistant, large and offer no off flavors). Loosely tie each bag with a zip tie or wire tie. You want air to escape.

3. Submerge the bags in the ice bath, once submerged, the bags will compress against the meat and the heat transfer will be maximized. Clip the bag to the wall of the ice bath.

4. Generally, a packer brisket treated this way will cook to 40F within 30 minutes, a butt will be closer to 45 minutes. Monitor internal temperature, do not remove until IT reaches 40F

This will produce and end product that preserves the quality of the meat as closely as possible. It is also food safe, as the meat never remains in the "danger zone" for more than one hour.
Landarc was nice enough to help me with this suggestion some time ago. It works great!! I do it all the time for butts I make for the guys at work
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