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Found some matches.
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Default New smoker seasoning overload

Scouring forum and I have found so much conflicting information on seasoning and many discussions were about WSM and UDS.

I have a Chubby on its way.. I have consolidated everything into one list.. Is this too much??

(Avoided the discussion about oil vs lard here by refering to it as LUBE)

Step 1
Heat with no water or lube at 350 for an hour (charcoal)
-Water Pan in
-Heat Diverter in
-Racks in

Step 2
Let Box cool

Step 3
a. Hand Lube inside of box(spray lube where you cant hand/brush lube)
b. Spray Lube other areas
-Water Pan
-Heat Diverter
-Inside of firebox

Step 4
Heat to 325 3 hours no water (charcoal and some wood)
-Water Pan in
-Heat Diverter in
-Racks in

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