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Well here is what I have learned so far. I started out in one spot not the best area but I wanted to start somewere and the price was right. I started of whith quite an extensive menue offering lunches and dinners open 11-6 and quickley found out that was to much there was alot of waist and trying to reuse in other things.

I quickly picked some popular items and began doing specials and the ones that became popular I picked my busyest days to offer them. At this point I was approached by a local business owener and pattron to look at a better spot which he owns closer to town a and where alot of new construction is going on. it was and easy decision to move the rent was allitle more and I had to spend about $900 to put in electric and 40 yards of stone to make a parking lot. We tried to tell as many people before we left and took out a small add in the local paper through our chamber of commerce to get the word out. Most would eventualy find us.

We moved November 1st not the best time to change spots but I wanted to get in there now and get some of the construction business that was around. I began to think of some good cold weather items to sell so I had a freind of mine who is a chef make up a killer chili and a couple of soups which are doing well when the weather is good and people stop.He has also helped me on some awsome seasoned mayos for my chicken sammeis a few other things. I will be using him on some of my catering jobs and should be a great help in building my business.

Business has realy fallen off which I figured it would in Upsate NY in December and I have contemplated wheather to close up for the winter or not. I then booked a catering gig after a new customer tried our food and that sealed the deal about staying open a few select days a week. I think it's worth incuring allitle debt to stay open fot the next few months and continue to establish myself. I have a bulk menue that I get continued orders for and we do work for the local PTA and we are active members in our local PAL{Police Athlectic Legue} which is generating some business.

So that is were I am at this time and for the future I am trying to get some grant money through our county and it helps when the county legeslator loves your food. I would like to put a new trailer at the spot and work it 5 days a week and have the truck I have now do catering so I don't have to leave the spot every time I get a catering gig.
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