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I can't even begin to count how many cooks I have done for family members. Doesn't help that I come from a biiiiiigggg family. 18 aunts/uncles (spouses) and 23 first cousins, and that's just on mom's side of the family.

I make it real simple. I develop a menu with them, explaining what things will be pricey/expensive and what will be more cost effective. I then go shopping, keep the receipts and get reimbursed. They pay for the food, supplies, fuel, etc. On some of the incidentals, I just "ball park" a number, kind of like how garages charge you a set amount for "shop supplies". Might be something like $40 for rubs, foil, wood, etc. If they want to give me extra, they give me extra. If they don't, well, what can you do ? It's family.

EDIT: I should add that I don't cater. I'm just a back yard cooker.
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