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Originally Posted by MilitantSquatter View Post
I replied in your original thread that it looked fantastic and I mean that.

With that said...One thing you need to know though is that unfortunately, great home cooking, traditional methods etc. and contest cooking are more often than not two different animals.

I'd dare to say that no contest cook has tried Donnie's tri-level rub in comp. A few reasons 1) it's only been shared more recently 2) many of the comp cooks who frequent this forum don't get too involved in the Q-talk section 3) most of the comp cooks that do well already have a brisket method that works for them and likely will not make a drastic change for the heck of it.

Like it or not, many winning comp briskets are dominated with injections like with FAB-B, Butcher's, Kosmo's etc. Rubs in many cases are the commercial variety like Smokin' Guns, Slabs Wow your Cow, Bovine Bold, Head Country etc.. Sauce is often applied with a commercial variety too.. Foil is a staple during the cook. Many will add a seasoned beefy type flavored marinade (ex. Rick's Sinful Marinade recipe, Head Country Marinade, ) to the foil during the cook or while it rests.

So.. Can you do well without any/all of the above ? Possibly.. There are some great teams who do it with the basics as well.
Thanks Vinny, you make many good points and I appreciate your thought process!
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