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Originally Posted by Mo-Dave View Post
Personally I am still not confident enough to try one at a contest I have done 3 briskets and two pork butts with this method and each time I am finding the bark to be so tough I have a very hard time cutting it with out ripping or smashing it, so it would not make for a good looking box, My knives are very sharp, I even tried an electric knife and It was much worse. The inner meat was fine and very tasty but the bark sucked. Foil mite help but I really try hard not to use it and I did not even achieve a true High heat cook barely getting up to 300 at any time.

So unless you have got it down I would not recommend it until you do.

What contest are you doing?
Hey Dave,

I totally agree with the bark being hard to cut. I just pulls apart way to easily. I was impressed how tender the meat was though. But your right, it wouldn't make a very nice box.

Were going to be at the Kick off Cook off in Hazelwood, Mo in April.

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