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Originally Posted by Two Porks View Post
To all the competitors out there, whats been the the best method for you regarding Brisket in comps?

In the thread below I just did a brisket utilizing the tri-level rub, cooked at 300+ and used no foil during any of the process. It turned out really nice but I guess the only down fall would be the lack of dripping to potentially mix with sauce. Has anybody out there utilized this method and done well in comps?

We have out first comp in April and was just trying to find the best method.

Personally I am still not confident enough to try one at a contest I have done 3 briskets and two pork butts with this method and each time I am finding the bark to be so tough I have a very hard time cutting it with out ripping or smashing it, so it would not make for a good looking box, My knives are very sharp, I even tried an electric knife and It was much worse. The inner meat was fine and very tasty but the bark sucked. Foil mite help but I really try hard not to use it and I did not even achieve a true High heat cook barely getting up to 300 at any time.

So unless you have got it down I would not recommend it until you do.

What contest are you doing?
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