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I have two responses to this.

First, the ServSafe version. You've taken the food in and out of 'the temperature danger zone' at least three times to this point. (prepping, cooking, reheating) I'm also willing to bet that this food has spent more than it's fair share of time sitting between 40' and 140', so your total time in the danger zone is more than likely also approaching what is considered safe food handling. General safe food handling practice dictates that you never re-freeze or re-refrigerate leftovers. By the book, once you re-heat food, you need to either eat it, or trash it.

Now for the second reply. I would not re-freeze the meat, but would find quick use for it over the next day or two. This use would be FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY at home. If I could not consume the meat by Monday, I personally would dump it.

It is FAR easier to cook up some fresh pork, than potentially to suffer the ravages of food poisoning. Or, worse yet, suffer the 'image' of giving food poisoning to someone else.
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