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Let me add a lil something to this as well.

Members NEW and OLD need to read or refresh their memory here:

EVERYONE needs to read this:

Pay VERY close attention as to WHY Phil and the founding members left the old Yahoo group. We DO NOT want to recreate that atmosphere once again in this forum.
Nobody owns this place and it is NOT exclusive to a few or to those who only believe or feel the same way about Q, etc. I really want to emphasize what Ron said about ignoring a post/member, walking away and not adding gasoline to a dumpster fire thread just cause it tweeks you the wrong way, don't be the hero and try to moderate things yourself with the help of "the Mob!" Dog piles make work for us. You only make things worse and in the process, many times, you end up looking more like an asshat than the OP. Report it, and let us decide. If we do nothing, then nothing is wrong. Once again, ignore, say nothing, etc. Recently, the whole "troll" thing got old. Many times it wasn't trolling but someone upset cause what was being expressed was not the norm or just someone's character/personality rubbing others the wrong way. Again, go read the rules and the Inception Thread. Yes, we have had trolls. But, given enough rope, they end up figuring out what to do with it and earn themselves a ban. Again, let US decide that. In closing, best bet is report it and let us decide.
Those of you that have been around here a while know that I just say it like it is. If my words somehow hit close to home...........well, maybe you need to do a lil bit of self reflection as you may be part of issue.

Nuff sed.

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