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Brethren helping Brethren

These are Benefit Auctions. The funds collected will go to open a trust fund for baby Carmella.

Heres where we come in. Let it be said up front, the recipents of these auctions CAN NOT SEE WHAT IS GOING ON and if anyone knows them, please keep this under wraps. In the future, once we are done, I will open it up and they can see what what transpired.

Instead of asking for donations, we are going to have an auction. All proceeds from this auction will go to the trust fund. Heres how it will work.

Dig stuff up.. stuff your not using, stuff you don't want, stuff you will never use.. or if your so inclined, throw some new stuff in here. Gift certificates, thermos, bbq items, etc.. Something you feel a member may be interested in.

Start a thread(using the template in red below) and that is your auction item and your donation to the auction.

Members post to that thread to bid. Either enter an auction end date, or we close it when there is no activity to that thread for 3 days. At the end of 3 days, we put up a LAST CALL. If someone bids during the LAST CALL a final 24 hour clock starts to allow for a counter bid.

Once bidding is complete, click on this link to make your payment. I will work up a few web pages to make payments to.

I will confirm with the bidder the completion of payment and the owner can ship out the product.

Of course, if you just want to make a donation that will be available too.

The proceeds will go into our paypal and it will all will be sent to Bill(Smoke in my i) to help him get back on his feet.

So please, start looking thru your stuff.. anything you want to put up for auction, take a picture of it and lets begin. Tonto and Txchutte will oversee the transactions and keep stuff flowing.

Recommended format for a new auction thread.

Auction item Description:

Starting Bid(If any):

Duration/Closing date(or no activity for 3 days):

Shipping or Pickup only:
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