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Funny to see right now (GOOD to hear, though). I am involved in one other website (fishing) that is IMO coming unglued. One could take Phils post from here and it would address every issue that other place has, every darn one.
I guess, after a few years, we are all finding the nature of an online community.
That said, I have often used this site as a PRIME example of a well run, well "behaved" website. Phil's tome is a prime example of my observation, the leaders here are addressing the issues openly and in front of the problem. The alternative is to wait till things go completely bananas, and the only reply from the leadership at that point is "shut up or you're all out".
So thanks for the talk Phil, I will try to answer a few questions and drop by more often. In turn I gotta tell you, this place is doing fine, and from the looks of it will continue to do so (I'm really not a suck up-can I have your BGE?).
Cheers Brethren.
I woulda gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddlin kids and your dog!
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