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Originally Posted by D0ughB0y View Post
/shrug Maybe because I'm from Jersey or perhaps something else, but I find the gentle ribbing that people give eachother over various things (including the no-pics-didn't-happen issue) to be comforting and one of the reasons that I enjoy the site.

It is the same treatment that I've gotten and given to my IRL friends as well as many of my corp. associates who I've developed good relationships with.

I can understand if it was heavy or harsh but from the first post in the cattle call with lots of support and welcome, I knew that this was a great place with great people... not a place that would tolerate people getting shredded left and right.

That's my four ha'pennys.
Thanks Doughboy... Gentle, goodnatured ribbing is OK and part of the culture... but sometimes it can also be overkill or comes across as rude, demanding etc. Just need to look out for the membership base as a whole.
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