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Originally Posted by thirdeye View Post
I figured you were going to the contest in Huron, which is still quite a drive. If you are a member of the BBQ League they have a Turkey Tell All but I have not watched it yet.

Yes, I entered one of The BBQ League virtual turkey competitions, in April or May. The requirement for using a turn in box was waived but I used an arrangement that could have easily fit into a typical box, and I had adequate amounts of pulled and sliced turkey. Scoring for appearance was straight forward from a photo. Taste and tenderness score came from a video, and taste was scored from a submitted recipe and description. My photo looked okay, but the lighting on my video was not up to snuff, that was my inexperience showing. I finished in the middle of the pack of 60 or 70 entries.

Anyways I injected the breast medallions and smoked them skinless, this works good because they looks like skin-on but have a good bite. I smoked the thighs with skin-on and finished in a butter/broth bath, then pulled some of that meat.

Yes KCBS has aligned with the National Turkey Federation to sponsor ancillary meat contests within KCBS Master series contests. I believe there is a $25 entry fee and as the rule states, you may add goodies but they must be for each protein (6) not just a pile of mashed taters in the box.
And legal garnish is allowed.
If I was still cooking I'd be all over that!!
Nice entry 3rd (I'll just use your first name as we are close)!

I believe you know better than to stick a off cut slice in front.....
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