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Originally Posted by Thawley View Post
N8, that's one fine lookin' rig ya got there buddy.

- Did that drum come with a sealed lid rather than removable? If so, how'd you get it off and get the edge of the lid so nice?

- What's with all the geometry on the lid? Doesn't look like you drilled any holes in the lid...

I really like your magnetic vent damper. Pretty savvy piece of engineering.
Thank you very much... This drum is an opened lid variety with a removable top.
In the picture of the build with the layout lines the drum is actually upside down. divided-circle.jpgI layed out the geometry on my computer for even placement of all the holes that I needed or thought I may need. I printed out the file and trimmed the paper to fit the bottom of the barrel. From there I made sure it was level and using a string with a weight attached I aligned the string to match the layout lines.drum_string.jpg I measured and marked upon the string the location of the hole to be drilled and transfered that to the drum itself.
Then, move string to next alignment, mark drum, etc.
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