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This is probably the hardest post on here I have ever had the pleasure of getting through. (If that makes any sense)

I lost my dad suddenly to leukemia in 2012, 4 days after my birthday. I'm an on again off again Brethren.... I usually find myself on here on almost a daily basis for a while, then I disappear for a while, and then I come back. The upside is I have never been turned away, and although I don't believe I have become personal friends with anyone on here, I consider all of you friends. I know that if I have a question, I can post and it will be answered. I wont be ignored because I'm the new guy or I haven't been on the board everyday for the last 15 years. Over the years I have witnessed some incredible que, became a certificated MOINK baller, been reminded of the importance of friends and family, seen some not so good que (including my own!), and some really off the wall things...but in the end, good bad or indifferent, someone ALWAYS helps someone on the board grow and make things better for their next cook. The Brethren is the only board I keep coming back to, I have laughed, cried (apparently tonight), drooled, and found myself digging for those little morsels of information I cant find anywhere else....

Thank you all for being here and contributing. I'll never be able to put into words how much I have learned from everyone!

And this year, I will enter a Throwdown!!!!
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