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Hi guys

Fairly new here (although I can say I ve got the T-shirt ) but already feeling comfortable
While trying to follow the immense amount of postings and threads.

This thread made me stop in my tracks and while reading I was feeling an urge to react.

I lost my mother last year after a horrible two years before that ....sitting here Alzheimer out.
My father went first a decade sooner fortunately he was not taking part in this family drama.

Me and my brothers are/were not very thick with eachother but we were all three very very close to my mother.

After my mother died my plan was to keep the three of us closer after quite a few phone calls and a visite now and then I planned for the first time a christmasday with the six of us (three plus all married).

It was at my place so I was responsible for food on the plate.
I decided to grill a Turkey outside so I read the BBQ Pitboys and watched them on youtube.
For the first time ever I went ahead trying to cook it for my "difficult to please" brothers.

I brined the sucker a day in advance and did all the tricks out of the book.....
On the day .......and after 4 hours cooking ....I anxiously presented it.

Thank God they all enjoyed it and all had to come back on their words they said in ....thin slice for me since Turkey is to dry for me.......ohhhhh how succulent it was AND the most important thing it left them a mark....!!!

That mark was left so deep that I had no problem asking everybody again two weeks ago and this time presented them spare ribs on my Green Egg.....their favourite food.

Again we all had an evening of good food and enjoyment.....thank you Green Egg for taking six slabs in one go....

BBQ has truly helped me to give my brothers that little push to come over and enjoy a bit of family quality time.

I will keep cooking and see to it that I keep my family together...!!!!!!!
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