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I’ve been asked to cook a party for a co-worker. I am not a caterer and this is simply a favor for a friend. The amount of people is 150. The menu is ribs, tri tip and 3 sides. I cook on a Lang 84.

My question is, although I have cooked for large groups before, I’ve had access to additional cookers. This time I only have the Lang 84. I’m not sure I can fit all the ribs and tri tip into the Lang 84, to cook all at the same time.

Can someone who has experience in catering or cooking large quantities, please advise me if it’s possible and desirable, to hold ribs and/or the tri tip until the other gets done and if so, what’s the best method to do so. Someone suggested putting the ribs into a cooler, however I’ve never done this before and Im not sure if this degrades the ribs flavor or texture.

I’d prefer to hold the ribs, since the tri tip is a quick cook.
Thank you for your time, guidance and expertise.
Well, I'm probably not the most qualified person to answer this, but since nobody else has chimed in I'll give it a shot.

A Cambro or cooler will hold them well for several hours. I wrap mine in foil and use a towel to take up any extra air space in the cooler. The flavor of the meat will still be good, maybe even better, but it softens the bark.

The best way I've found to do it is to cook them 3-2-1 style (I know... the purists can go ahead and flame me for that) and just do the 3-2 up front. When you're almost ready to serve, put them back on the grill for the final hour to develop a good bark and firm up the texture. You can usually cut 2 step a little short if you do this since they'll continue to cook and tenderize in the cooler.

While you put the ribs back on the pit, let the tri-tips do their rest time in the cooler.

Like I say, there's probably better ways to do it and maybe someone with more experience can chime in, but I've done something very similar in the past with no complaints.
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