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We have competed and judged for years. It is my understanding that with KCBS there is to be no fraternizing the day of turn-in. We know alot of the teams cooking and can't wait to talk with them, but we do wait until after the judging is complete. After all, I would hope that integrity is still a part of the picture. When you step in the judge's tent, you are a judge...just do your job fair and square. I have also personally worked as a volunteer at the turn-in table at several events. It would be tough to get past the number transfer, because it varies based on the rep at the event. Most reps only have one other person who even knows the conversion that day. They take it pretty serious and rightly so. AS a cook, I want the juding to be fair too. I do have to agree that after a while you may think you know who's box you have. But again, you judge each ENTRY on its own merit...block that out of your head, be that person of integrity and do what you signed up to do. If you can't then you don't need to be judging. The folks that get hung up in all the garbage are forgetting the spirit of the bbq community...good people and good times.
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