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Thumbs up Learning lessons on the Lang

Been waiting for this day... bright, sunny, low humidity in the seventies... on the newly acquired Lang 48... and took notes on its personality.

Overall... a few observations (and lessons learned from mistakes)... altho it behaved better than my BSKD... no surprise there.

1. The charcoal basket held nearly 20 lbs of K... for 4 hours of burn time.

Once the first load burned down... added with a full chimney of lit K every 90 minutes.

2.To get to initial temp: both intakes/dampers 100% open, firedoor, smoker door propped open) to 300* (Edit: Added meats @ 300* in consideration of the anticipated temp drop - Tanx Divemaster) then closed down except for one intake the temp held and was hands free for nearly 2 hours plus/minus 5 degrees with the air intakes nearly closed... as shown in pic.

Prob will require more intake on a larger load of meat (50-100 lbs) compared to my two slabs.

3. The maiden voyage was Dino bones (marinaded in greek dressing with a new rub).

4. The temp did climb a little (10*) once the basket was fully in flame. Then it was no intakes (all closed except for the 'stack) for nearly 30 minutes... and temps were stable.

5. The only downside... the ribs (7 hours) were moist and great to look at... however it was a bit too salty... musta been too heavy on the rub... was caked too hard... (edit ...or might been a sodium overload complicated by the marinade). It was good enough for the dogs with the bones... after the meat was stripped.

6. Overall: Very impressed with the Lang... the temps are easy to manage (with k). I think its a keeper.

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