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Originally Posted by smoke-n-my-i's View Post
This in my opinion is where the event organizers are not educated by KCBS or any of the other organizations.

I took my hand dandy word processor, and made me some signs. All I put on it is basically: NO SALES NO SAMPLES PLEASE DO NOT ASK

I put the letters as big as they would fit on the page, then printed them on colored paper. Had them laminated, and tape them to the back of my tent sides after I get set up. It is amazing the comments you will hear, but they will not ask for anything either. The general public will look, see, and walk on by to the next team and bother them....

Very inexpensive, and very effective.

If you would like, I can scan one, and post a pic.....

I have seen people use a dry erase board and prop it up Saturday morning asking the public not to talk to them until after 1:00 pm or the last turn in. Offer them a beer if they have questions and you can answer them then.
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