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Smile Skin Wtf

OK guys some basic FYI
This is some info I have discovered over the past few years on chicken cooking, smoking, and frying. This information has helped me win bird a few times. Chicken Skin WTF

OK I have found two kinds of chicken for sale!
Fryer Chicken and Smokiní Chicken

Birds store fat mostly in the skin and Chickens with a thick fatty yellowish skin are mostly produced by big chicken producers like Purdue etc. A fatty yellow stained skin comes from the chicken's growth enhancing diet like corn. You guys will find that yellow more fatty skin is associated with a higher quality bird in the stores and this is most likely true but white/light skinned bird will get crispier faster and has less FAT content than a yellow skin bird. I realize other variables should be considered when discussing skin color like chicken processing temps etc etc. but this has been my experience. While shopping for chicken I look for a young bird with a thinner translucent skin. I try to look for bird that is advertised as a young bird and look for skin quality and fat content IN THE SKIN.

Just my 2 cents worth on the subject and I hope it helps a few guys put it all in the box!
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