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Correction, dinner is at 7, breakfast 5:45.

As long as the kayakers get: A pulled pork Sammi, 1/4 chicken, 1/2 ear of corn and 2 sides....... and eggs/bacon/sausage for breakfast.....We can cook anything we want!!! Im bringing stuff too, just havent decided what. Anyone up for linguine and clam sauce? And i also promised to cook Elias's family the full monty of a bbq comp. Think the bandera will be for recreational cooking.

We will need a couple of coolers too for our own stuff. Im bringing my marine coolers, but one will be loaded with butts.

Electricity will be supplied via generator. The trailer has a full fridge in it that will be needed for the chicken, bacon, sausage, etc.. and beer/cabo.

Water: They will have a hose hookup but we need to get it to the site. I have 150 foot hose, we may need one more long one if someone has.

By party.... I mean.. we are all together... its a parking lot bash.

I am targeting 10-11 arrival and will be picking up the meats from Willie on the way in.

20 Butts wil be cooked to 180, we need to finish on site, then pull and prep.

chicken is all done onsite, so be prepared to rub and prep 250 pieces of chicken.

500 buns, 20 lbs of slaw/potato salad, and 140 ears of corn.

Big barry, can u bring your turkey fryer and big pot? and anyone else have one? I'm bringing mine too, but we need to boil water for the corn.


dinner starts at 7.

We should have all the butts pulled by 6, which means they need to be done by 4 to give time to rest and start pulling at 5. Vinnie, will the spicebox hold 20 butts?

I am hoping to have at least 6 people pulling and building sammis, while 3 of us man the pits to have the chicken done at the right time.

Salads will be put in chafing dishes for self serve. We hand them a plate with sammi, chx and corn.

Breakfast starts at 5:45. Bacon we can precook Saturday night and heat in a chafing dish in the morning. Sausage we can do in the spicebox.

i will have a 3 burner stove, but cooking 400 eggs is going to be a challenge. I am hoping we get the big john, and we can just cook them in chafing dishes on the grill.

BigBarry, if they wont donate, i think we may just rent, inquire on price please.

WillieB, Can we borrow your 80 qt pot?

So, the weapons so far are.

Me, MOAB, Bandera, Hondo if needed. Kettle(2 if needed). 3 burner stove. Turkey fryer. 2 tables. Hoses.

Vinnie. Spicebox and Kettle, canopies and 3 tables.

Queenie; Kettle.

More to come.. i think i hurt my brain with all this.
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