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I will be able to get there around 12 noon. ( Just realized what a pain in the arse it's gonna be to get to Floyd Bennett Field/Flatbush Ave. since I can't take the the trailer on the Belt Pkwy right to the exit).

My trailer is still loaded from the Salisbury, MD contest, so I'll have the Spicewine, a 22" kettle grill, two canopies and (3) 6 ft. Costco tables among other stuff.

What are we doing for light after the sun goes down ? I forgot if it was mentioned that electricity was going to be available or not. I have an extension cord and halogen spotlight if there is electric

Eric - While we are "cooking for charity", it's also just a reason for us to hang out, cook, eat, drink and show off our skills to the kayakers...I think cooking other misc. food will be fine...we'll just need to ensure we have enough space and get the kayak meals cooked first. I'm sure we can cook up some burgers, sausage etc. on the grill after the other meat is off.
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