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Originally Posted by KORND4WG X View Post
None for me really except I have more wood than charcoal at the moment

I figured as long as I could get up to temp and ok to feed it every hour that would work for me.

I hear you 100%. The OR does go through charcoal so I only use it for short cooks - itís really great for reverse searing.

This is the first time Iíve tried reverse searing on the M1 and Iím really pleased with the result, especially with the sear box but that might be confirmation bias

I have the HB as well and love it - no plan to get rid of it but honestly itís redundant with the M1. BTW Iíve Iíve heard Travis say some are reporting 5-6hrs on a full basket of charcoal and a stick but I have never loaded it up like that because I am cheap so I canít verify
Thanks for the info. I just recently got the HB so I only have about three cooks on it but I do most of my grilling these days on either my PK classic or PK 360 and have reversed seared steak on both with great results. Most of my smoking is done on the OR with some small stuff on the PK 360. Both PK's are very fuel efficient but don't hold much. I'm only getting 5-6 hrs of smoking time on my OR so the difference there might not be much compared to the M1. To be honest though, I don't know if I could sell either or my Good One smokers since they are so easy to use. The fuel usage is really my only complaint.

I guess some day I may just break down and get the M1 and see what I think for myself and do some experimentation. Thanks again for the replies.

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